How To Use Color in Your Home: A Guide

How To Use Color in Your Home: A Guide

Nothing sets the tone for your room quite like colors. This is why it's important to invest a great amount of time and research choosing the right color for your interior. The right tone and shade says a lot about your personality and how you want people to feel as soon as they enter the room. Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner it's important to not just make a first impression, but the right impression as well. Below is a simple description of each of the primary colors and the emotions and moods they provoke. Choosing the right interior paint color really does make a difference.

Create A Modern Look with Neutral Tones

Regardless of what your primary colors are, it's always a good to utilize neutrals in the entire design. Neutrals - generally black, gray, white or brown - can either be used as the foundation with other colors as accent or can themselves be used as the accent color. The reason that neutrals are important for your room is that they keep any color from creating an extreme environment, thus, creating extreme moods. Colors such as black simultaneously highlight any color in the room while tempering it at the same time.

Creating The Mood: The Psychology of Color

It is true that color affects our moods, our motivation, and even our attitude. The research on this is nearly exhaustive. Business owners and large corporations spend a great deal of time choosing colors and tones in the businesses that will both inspire their staff and create a certain mood in their clients and customers. This also happens with color combinations which can be challenging if you're going for a certain motif in your office or kitchen. If you're not sure how colors work together, then you can always get with a paint or color specialist and let them know what type of room environment you're trying to create. They can then recommend colors that will give your room maximum effect.

Create Energy with Red

Nothing creates energy like red. It is the perfect color to get people going. Red stimulates all types of action from exercise and fast movement to conversation and ideas. Red is generally an idea fit for work rooms, conference rooms, gyms, and other areas where lots of activity takes place.

Yellow Brings Out The Joy

Want to add sunshine and joy to your room? Then cover it in rich yellow tones. Nothing cheers up a room quite like a bright yellow backdrop. Think about areas of your home or business where yellow would brighten everybody's day. Popular room choices for yellow are kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. This is especially true in rooms where yellow tones mix with natural sunlight. The result is a warm environment that exudes joy and happiness. Careful, however, because too much yellow can actually bring out intense feelings of negativity as well. Yellow is best used a complimentary color or a main tone in smaller areas.

Calming Blue

Although blue is a popular color, it's also a color that needs to be used strategically. Blue has the power to invoke a wide range of feelings and emotions. It has a calming and relaxing affect on many people, but can also be creepy if used to an excess. So it's best to use lighter shades of blue in order to create a serene atmosphere without making people outright depressed. When using blue it is best to compliment it with light soft colors for the perfect balance, so that the entire room isn't too dark.

Refresh Your Room with Green

Of all the colors on the color scale, it has often been noted that green is by far the most pleasant to look at. Green often symbolizes renewal and refreshment, comfort, and relaxation. Green has flexibility that many other colors lack. This means that is can mix with other colors and can be used in just about any room in your home or office. Green is often used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and enclosed porches in the backyard.

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