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Need your home or office exterior professionally cleaned? Contact Top Coat Painting for all your power washing or soft washing needs. We specialize in all building exteriors and other surfaces such as metal or concrete. Utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry today we can clean any surface without damaging it. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service, fast dependable work, and affordable competitive rates. Contact us today, and let our New Haven painting contractors clean your home or business exterior today.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are difficult to clean, because they soak in dirt, grime, oil, and chemicals. For tough surfaces such as metal and concrete, we can provide full pressure washing. For items such as driveways, garage floors, sidewalks, and other concrete based surfaces, pressure washing gets ride of oil, grease, soil and plant stains, and all other hard to get rid of stains that damage the look of your concrete base. Using a combination of water and eco-friendly solutions, we can restore any surface and make it look new again!

The Benefits Of Power Washing

There are several benefits to using water to clean you surfaces. First, it’s a non-abrasive and non-contact form of cleaning. Abrasive methods can harm the surface of your exterior. With water, there’s a high form of impact that doesn’t scratch, discolor, or remove the surface. Second, water is a clean, easy way to wash your home or business without leaving a big mess. Pressure washing is also very inexpensive compared to other cleaning techniques, because it requires fewer supplies or equipment. With all the benefits, it’s clear to see why pressure washing is the preferred choice.

Why Use Top Coat Painting

At Top Coat Painting we have over 2 decades of high-end industry experience in both residential and commercial power washing. We are careful to utilize power washing techniques that preserve and surface while restoring it to it's original clean look. We offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and exceptional work that guarantees your satisfaction. We work closely with each of our clients to pinpoint their exact needs and then deliver amazing results that bring you absolute satisfaction every time. Contact a Top Coat Painting technician today and let us show you how we can help you with all of your professional washing needs.

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